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How to install JJSploit

JJSploit is extremely simple to install and operates in the same manner as any other executable file for the Windows operating system. Download JJSploit firstly. You should see a green download button in the upper right corner of your screen. When you click it, you will be taken to the download page. Wait for the file to be available for download.

Disabling antivirus

You must turn off your antivirus program before running JJSploit. It won't work well for you and prevents a lot of JJSploit functionalities from working. If you haven't given the scripting engine permission, you can temporarily turn off this program while it's running. Additionally, it will guarantee the success of the injection procedure.

Download all injection files

After you've downloaded the file and making sure antivirus won't block anything, the steps below will show you how to install an executable on Windows.

Identify the downloaded file on your computer.

Wait for the prompt to install the executable after you double-click it. Continue with the installation and wait for it to complete. You should now be able to see the app in the list of programs and apps.